Aaliyah Robinson

It all started with a dream! I was going to work with animals one day. That dream blossomed into a passion for dog training after my parents surprised me with a tiny pit bull puppy. What I didn't know at the time was this tiny puppy would develop dog aggression and some issues with strangers as he matured. Thus through wanting to help my own dog, grew this passion for dog training and working with reactive dogs.

Training Background

A month after graduation I started apprenticing under an established trainer. I worked under a trainer for 2 years learning everything I could about pet training, reactivity, service dogs, and bite sports. After my apprenticeship I found a training company closer to home to continue to grow my skills. I grew from an apprentice to head trainer in 18 months. In early 2020 I decided to make the jump and open my own company and it has been an amazing journey.


A' Souless vom Shield, My right hand man as I like to call him. Soul has a big job here at PridePup K9. As my demo dog he spends his days helping clients dogs learn to be well mannered, confident pups. This job looks different between every dog we work with. Some times his role is to be calm holding a down stay to help a fearful dog build confidence around others. Other times he might be helping young pups learn appropriate body language. Whatever his job is that day he is happy doing it. In our spare time we like to train and compete in a sport call PSA or Protection Sport Association.